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Do you have a business/website or know someone who does? FeedbackRoad is offering a $500 service credit, good for use only on, to the first 50 sign-ups or until Thanksgiving, whichever comes first. To get your free credit signup today and send an email to requesting your free credit.

FeedbackRoad is an idea management system that helps to manage feedback from customers. Signup today at


Official Launch Customer Feedback Solution

Introducing the newest web 2.0 service for collecting customer feedback.

How FeedbackRoad Works…

  • Customers make suggestions, leave comments or submit an idea.
  • Customers read, interact and VOTE on the feedback submitted.
  • The best ideas naturally climb to the top leaving no question to what is most important to your market.

FeedbackRoad is easy to set-up. All you have to do is add a link to your online website or service. And it was specially designed – and priced for – small businesses and start-up companies.

No contracts. No set-up fees. Get started with a free 15 day trial today.

FeedbackRoad encourages your customers to leave their suggestions, comments and ideas in an open, user-friendly platform. Your customers can vote for the ideas they like the most… letting you know, without question, which suggestions are the most important and most valuable to the future of your business.

FeedbackRoad helps you perfect your business, stay one step ahead of your competition and build a real relationship with all of your customers.

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