The Right Choice for You and Your Business
  • Limited Votes Encourages Your Customers To Vote Smart!

    Users receive a limited number of votes because it encourages them to choose ONLY the ideas and suggestions that are the most important. It keeps your business from being bombarded with multiple "best picks", it makes your customers choose more wisely and it encourages the customer to invest more time reading about your business.
  • No Contracts. No Set-Up Fee. No High Pressure.

    Unlike other services that require you to sign long-term contracts and pay ridiculous set-up fees, FeedbackRoad gives you freedom. You get to decide when you want to sign-up and you are free to cancel at anytime.
  • 15 Day Free Trial, No Credit Card Required

    When you join FeedbackRoad today you will not be charged. You have 15 days to use the full service and see for yourself just how much power you can gain within your marketplace and with your customers - just by collecting feedback! Once the 15 day FREE TRIAL is over you have to choice to cancel or continue the service. But it's only when you decide to continue the feedback service and submit payment information that you will be charged.

    This 15 Day FREE TRIAL allows you to give FeedbackRoad a "test drive"... so you can make the right educated, confident decision for your customers and your business's future - without any pressure.
  • Easy To Set-Up, Simple To Maintain

    All it takes to get started collecting your feedback today is adding a simple link to your website... you can start utilizing the power of FeedbackRoad within a few, short minutes. The user-friendly interface allows you to simply log-in to the system to view your feedback and interact with your customers.
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