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Know what is important to your users in a single glance

idea management voting box

Intuitive Voting

Users can easily choose between assigning an idea between 0 and 3 votes.

limited idea votes

Voting Limits

Limited number of total votes ensures that users are forced to choose only the ideas that are MOST important to them instead of voting on everything.

idea categories

Idea Categorization

Easily group ideas by categories and allow users to filter ideas by category. Add as many categories as needed.

collect customer ideas

Users Ideas

Constant feedback to the user showing the ideas they have voted on and their current status with links to view those ideas details.

feedback tab widget

Add to your Existing Site

We give you a small javascript snippet to add to your existing website. Add it yourself or have your developer add it for you. It only takes a minute and its customizable.

search for ideas

Minimize Duplicate Ideas

New ideas can only be created after doing a search. This ensures that a user has checked to see if the idea already exists before creating a new idea.

Keep the discussion going

keep track of idea status

Listen and Respond

Updates to the idea status are sent to all supporters and displayed prominently with the idea to keep users in the loop.

promote on facebook

Social Integration

Facebook and Twitter links on every idea detail page allows users to share the ideas with their friends and colleagues and gives your business more exposure.

post comments and suggestions

Idea Discussion

Ideas can be discussed among website owners, developers, users etc in one centralized place.

keep a thread of customer suggestions

Comment Thread

All users comments are displayed below the idea for easy access and interested users are sent email notifications when new comments are posted.

Users help to manage the forum

user moderated community

Self Policing

Let your users help you to control spam by enabling the user moderation feature. Users can report a comment as spam notifying the admin so it can be removed quickly.

customer profile edit

User Profile

Users can choose which emails they want to receive and change their account information at anytime. All changes are immediate.

Manage your forum in minutes.

easy idea management

Easily Edit Ideas

Forum administrators and moderators will see an Admin button next to each idea. The admin button jumps the user directly to the admin console for editing and further viewing of the ideas.

keep customers in the loop

Keep Users Updated

Update the status of an idea to let users know that they are being heard. Idea updates can be automatically sent to all supporters of the idea.

step by step wizard

Easy to Get Started

5 step wizard is shown at the top of all pages to help new forum owners get started quickly. Hide the wizard whenever its no longer needed.

keep track of the newest ideas, votes and comments

Recent Changes Highlighted

See a snapshot of the most recent changes. Ie new ideas, votes added/removed, new registered users, new comments etc.

data validation

Easy to Use

Instant feedback showing if a entered value isn't correct and what needs to be changed. Inline help below entry fields explaining the features in more detail.

Customize the forum to be your own

custom logo

Brand the Forum with your Logo

Easily upload your logo to customize the forum. Email notifications will also use your logo for a professional company presence.

custom colors

Match your Website

Pick a color scheme to match any existing websites. Use a color picker to pick the colors that match your brand and make you unique.

custom css

Advanced Design Control

Advanced users can even change the CSS of their forum to completely change the look and feel.

use your own domain name

Domain Alias

Use your own domain name for the forum, ie instead of

ask your own feedback question

Ask Your Question

Change the search text and question to ask for the information that you are looking for.

All the tools you need whether you are a beginner or advanced user.

upgrade/downgrade easily

Upgrade/Downgrade & Cancel Easily

Upgrade/downgrade, cancel and change billing information with the click of a mouse. No long term contracts and no cancellation fees to pay. No credit card required to try us out.

customer filtering

Filter, Sort, Search

Admins can filter by type and choose the sorting method as well as using regular searching for easily finding exactly the information needed.

invite new users to the idea forum

Invite New Users

Invite new users or moderators to join the forum. Just entire their email address and an email will be sent to the user with a link to signup.

make the customer feedback private

Protect Private Information

Want to limit your forum to only certain users? Its easy, just choose a private forum and invite only the users you want or use Single Sign On to give them access.

easy to follow focumentation


Easy to read documentation with code examples and descriptions.

single sign on for easy customer login

No new login required

If your users are already logged in at your site they don't need to login again. Use our simple Single Sign On service to automatically log your customers into the forum.

programming interface to manage ideas and suggestions


Integrate your Feedback Forum with other interfaces or just grab your data. Our application integration interface provides access via XML and JSON.

Video Demos

Or view our detailed video demo showing the Feedback forum in action.

Idea Management Forum Demonstration

collecting customer feedback
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