How Feedback Works
FeedbackRoad encourages your customers to leave their suggestions, comments and ideas in an open, user-friendly platform. Your customers can vote for the ideas they like the most... letting you know, without question, which suggestions are the most important and most valuable to the future of your business.

FeedbackRoad helps you perfect your business, stay one step ahead of your competition and build a real relationship with all of your customers.

  • Incorporate FeedbackRoad into Your Website

    Getting started with FeedbackRoad is as simple as adding a link to your existing website. Your customers can hit one button and start interacting instantly.
  • Let Your Customers Know Your Listening

    Once the link is added, all your customers need to do is click one button to begin leaving their comments, suggestions and ideas - without having to register for the service. They can get started instantly providing you with the feedback you need.
  • Get Your Customers to Interact and Engage

    Your customers can read other people's ideas, vote on their favorite suggestion and even make comments. They can interact with other customers and engage in communication directly with your business.
  • Collect the Information That Is Vital To Your Business

    The ideas that have the most votes will naturally jump to the top. Without any manpower or research money spent you will instantly know what is most important to your customers, your marketplace and your business.
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