The Magic behind FeedbackRoad
For the past 8 years I have ran a successful online service company. And every single day we would receive requests, suggestions and ideas from our customers.

But all this feedback ended up in our inbox. We had to wade through tons of incoming emails and then sort through all the suggestions. It took hundreds of man hours and left our customers wondering why were weren't listening.

Of course, some of these ideas were nothing short of brilliant... and some ideas were less than so.

But the process of compiling these ideas and the headache of choosing the right ones to implement completely paralyzed the entire process. This is when we developed the idea for FeedbackRoad.

As soon as we began utilizing this simple service we were able to see what was most important to our user base. We gave each customer the opportunity to leave their feedback AND the power to place votes for the ideas they liked the most.

The best ideas climbed straight to the top... and the voting system was a fault-free way to "let customers down easy" who didn't have the best ideas.

But every customer felt like their voice had a chance to be heard. Even customers who typically would never send feedback or suggestions felt engaged through the voting process.

And customers and our staff were easily able to converse about ideas and suggestions – so we could get more detail and find out EXACTLY what they wanted.

With FeedbackRoad, our business grew wings. We could effortlessly collect the best ideas, instantly implement them and provide our customers with the exact service they desired – and deserved.

We developed a relationship with our customers... and they were happy to tell their friends and colleges about the top-notch service they received.
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